BAM! The Complete Course for the Borrowed And Memorized Deck

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  • Pre-Order Notification. Not yet available:An updated version of the 2009 book. Available August 1st.
  • Starts at the Beginning, teaching how to memorize:You don't need to know how to memorize. Everything is taught.
  • Includes memory routines for advanced mnemonists:Learn how to memorize the whole deck while performing 2 tricks
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  • Get Intro chapter for free now::Click category Free and search for: Free BAM Introduction
Pre-Release notice:

- A digital download of a 126 page PDF book
- This course teaches how to secretly memorize cards while performing other tricks, and then includes many tricks that can be performed with your newly acquired memorized card stack.

WHAT? Memorize cards instantly? Impossible!
That's what you want your audience to think because then they'll have no clue how you are able to do such tricks as:
- Seem to know the location of every card in a shuffled deck (Chapter 6)
- Discern the location all four aces and a selected card from a borrowed shuffled deck (Chapter 3)
- Find 10 cards selected by 10 volunteers and name each one before revealing it in a magical fashion. (Chapter 4)

Table of Contents:

    5 - Introduction

 13 - Chapter One The Journey Method

 19 - Chapter Two Card Images

 25 - Chapter Three         A Five Step Journey

 39 - Chapter Four Ten Tricks with Ten Memorized Cards

 55 - Chapter Five My Journey of 52 Steps

 61 - Chapter Six The Half-Memorized Deck

 91 - Chapter Seven Memorizing An Entire Deck in Two Card Tricks

101 - Chapter Eight Full Deck Borrowed And Memorized Card Tricks

115 - Chapter Nine MemDeck Tricks

121 - Chapter Ten The Development of The Pink Sock Routine

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