Two books in the Chrysalis Chronology Series
Two books in the Chrysalis Chronology Series

Book Bundle: The Chrysalis Chronology Series, Books 1 & 2.

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  • This Dual Bundle includes 14 pages of Trivia.:Trivia and Easter Eggs about book 1 pop culture, technology, history, and the author.
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The kids at school call him The Smart Kid.
The counselor calls him a mystery with no history.
Michael Shale is just trying to lay low and hide in plain sight so that his past doesn’t catch up to his present.
He looks like an ordinary boy, but he holds a biological secret that the powerful and arrogant Senator Perkins would kill for.
Michael Shale remembers what it was like to be a military lab rat.
He’d rather die than be captured again.
When he’s discovered, the school counselor and a special person from his past convince Michael to stop running and to start fighting, or he just may get his death wish.

A novel with a unique structure

• First half is a mystery. Second half is a thriller
• Not a YA story
• Set in the 1960s & 70s gives a touch of nostalgia
• References to real cultural and historical events adds realism

It's a genre-crossing novel

The Smart Kid is both a mystery and a thriller with the heart of a boy who just wants to find his way back home.
Part political thriller.
Part mystery.
A touch of science fiction.

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After discovering he has the power of Chronesthesia, or Mental Time-Travel, Tim Long is hired by a mysterious company to send messages to the past. 

He's making so much money he doesn't care about the questionable ethics of his tasks until he becomes responsible for several deaths. To protect his new girlfriend, his family, and the entire Physics Building at the university from destruction, he must weave through time, arranging pieces in a life and death chess game against an unknown futuristic opponent. 

But trying to escape from a company that can manipulate the past is as difficult for Tim as overcoming his own self-doubts and dysfunctional family history. Under the threats of attacks, assaults, explosions, and death, Tim, and a surprise associate, must find a way to avoid Fatal Termination by a company from which nothing can be hidden.

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