Magic News, Sept 2019

Posted by Bob Miller on 8/29/2019 to News
Magic News, Sept 2019
PreDate will soon be available at magic shops
   Magic Wholesaler Murphy's Magic recently purchased 100 PreDate calendars, so magicians around the world should be able to purchase the pre-packaged PreDate Calendar. The new, professionally printed and assembled calendar has no year printed on it, so it can be used indefinitely. It is based on the 2020 calendar, which is a leap year, so it includes all 366 days.
   The calendar comes in two flavors: Aronson and Mnemonica.

Get the new PreDate Calendars at a discount
   The first run of 60 PreDate Calendars for 2020 with the Aronson stack had a slight flaw, so a new set was printed for the magic shops. The flaw is on one page, above the December calendar, a horizontal cut line is visible. That means that I have 60 PreDate Calendars available at a discount. The regular price is $30, for the pre-printed professionally assembled calendar with a black vinyl cover, but the calendar with the mis-aligned page is for sale at $25.

PreDate Calendar glitch

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