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  • You choose everything. All customizable.:We create a customized PDF to your specifications.
  • We will adjust it for free until it's what you need.:No additional charge for changes.
  • Bring the files to a printer for full color pages you may assemble .:You save some $ and don't need to wait for us to print and mail a calendar to you.
  • CLICK HERE to customize your calendar!
The Calendar Trick is a classic: To demonstrate the similarity between cards and a calendar, someone chooses a date and selects a card. The card name is found written on the selected date. Impossible! Engaging! And personally significant!

We can assemble a PDF calendar any way you want. You choose:
- Card Stack
- Year
- Size. Choose from these calendar sizes:
  - Checkbook - 7" wide x 6.75" high. Each printed page is one month
  - Checkbook Collated - 6.2" wide x 7" high. 14 pages to be printed back to back, folded, and stapled in the center.
  - Large Collated - 7" wide x 7.1" high. 14 pages to be printed back to back, folded, and stapled in the center
  - Quarter Collated - 7.9" wide x 9.9" high. 8 pages to be printed back to back, folded into quarters, stapled along vertical fold to form a quarter-page book
  - Small - 7.4" wide x 4.7" high. 15 pages to be printed single-sided, and stapled on one edge. 
- Card to Date Formula:  Date=Stack #, Month+Date=Stack #, Cyclic
- Number of Card Image Sets. Choose 1 to 3: Icon, Hand-written Rank & Pip, Hand-written words
---> CLICK HERE to customize your calendar! <----
After you fill out the customize form and pay for it, we'll create your custom calendar and send you a link.

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