PreDate: Mnemonica - Checkbook Collated 2019 PDF Bundle

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  • PDF Bundle:Everything to print your own 2019 Calendar to perform PreDate
Mnenomica Stack printed in 2019 Calendar format PDFs
Designed to fit into a standard checkbook cover
- A digital download bundle:
  Includes the 14 pages to be printed back to back
  Four optional pages: Blank, and 3 versions of the 52-Card Cue to perform the trick with No Memorization
  Trick instructions: How to perform PreDate with no memorization needed
  Printing and Collating instructions

“Really like how you mixed up things with text, pictures and hand drawings. I use it all the time on my iPhone...

Great thinking, great product, great trick.” 

 — Geoff Williams, author of Aronson Stack for Everybody, and Mnemonica for Everybody

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