PreDate Packaged trick -w/glitch (Aronson)

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Part Number:PreD_Pack_MN_Q_2020_NoYr-glitch
  • Package trick:Includes 2020 Calendar with no year printed on it, so it can be used indefinitely.
  • Cover. Black. 5" x 6": Pocket-size black vinyl cover,
  • QR code link to instructions:Link to video instructions,
  • Printed instructions:Also includes basic performance printed instructions, and advanced instructions
This is a physical product: a 2020 PreDate Calendar, printed with the Aronson stack.
No year is printed on calendar, so it can be used indefinitely.
It comes in a pocket-size black vinyl folder.
Note: This product is discounted by $5.00 from the retail price b/c of a small glitch.
(The horizontal cut line above December is visible. See an image in this blog post.)
No memorization required. The calendar does the work.
You don't need to know anything about the Aronson stack, but this calendar is a good choice if you want to learn the stack.
If you want to learn a different stack, like the Mnemonica, then order that version of the PreDate Trick Package.
If you know a card stack, the trick looks even better.
Includes a link to video instructions.
Also includes printed instructions.

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