PreDate Size Comparison Chart

Posted by Bob Miller on 1/18/2019 to News
This is a comparison photo of the most popular print sizes.

The three sizes on the left (Quarter, Checkbook Collated, and Large Collated) must be folded after printed double-sided. 
The Quarter page size is folded horizontally and then vertically. The Checkbook and Large are to be folded horizontally.
After the Quarter and Checkbook sizes are folded, they will fit into the cases displayed (which may be purchased on this site.)
The Large Collated is nearly the same size as the Stage size, but it is designed to be printed double-sided and folded so it can
be flipped through from top to bottom like the Checkbook Collated size. It's slightly larger than the Checkbook Collated size. 
The two sizes on the right (Stage, Small) are printed on single-sided sheets and are not to be folded.

All digital downloads include a Test It Until It's Right guarantee. If you download a file size that isn't right, contact us and
we'll send you a Free Download coupon so you can try a different size.

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