Review of PreDate Trick by Vanish Magazine

Posted by Paul Romhany on 9/25/2019 to Reviews
Review of PreDate Trick by Vanish Magazine
This is a physical product: a 2019 PreDate Calendar, printed with the Aronson stack.
It comes in a pocket-size black vinyl folder.
No memorization required. The calendar does the work.
You don't need to know anything about the Aronson stack, but this calendar is a good choice if you want to learn the stack.
If you want to learn a different stack, like the Tamariz (Mnemonica), then order that version of the PreDate Trick Package.
If you know a card stack, the trick looks even better.
Includes a link to video instructions.
Also includes printed instructions.

I' been a huge fan of the calendar type routine for as long as I can remember. Bob offers a unique and super easy way to perform this that you can easily do after reading the instrucitons or watching the online tutorial. You recieve a special pocket calendar in a vinyal wallet. The spectators can examine everything and will find nothing to elude them to the secret. At the back of the small calendar are pictures showing 4 suits and seasons, 13 ranks of cards and the 13 Luncar Cycles and if you add one Joker you will get 365, which matches 365 days of the year. This type of patter makes sense to the spectators and Bob has made it easy to understand by putting graphics of this in the back of the booklet.  In this routine the spectator calls out their favorite day and month of the year. This is what I really like about this type of routine because it has some type of meaning for the spectator and can lead to some interesting conversations. The secret lies in plain sight which only you can detect and within seconds you will know the card on their date. If you are able to work a stack then you can add this to your performance as well. For example, you bring out a deck of cards and have them name ANY date. They then get to choose a playing card. THEN you show them the calendar explaining the seasons, etc. You then go to the date they chose and a playing card is written there. The card they chose matches the date they chose. 
Some of the main points include the graphics guide the patter, no memorizing, no card stack (although you COULD use one if you want to take it a step further), no cards are repeated in a month and it’s super easy to do. 

Bob has created a really great and practical little piece of magic here and a good addition to the calendar premise. A side note is that Bob has created software that allows him to print any stack you want so you could incoporporate this in to a stacked deck if you have one.  The trick itself is available in either Aronson stack or Tamariz/Mnemonica stack, but as mentioned it isn’t necessary to used a stacked deck or to have a stack memorized. The calendar itself has no year printed visibly so it may be used indefinitely. He aslo has an interesting idea/offer if you want to do this using your phone. 

WHERE: Great for any style of close-up magic from walk-about to sit down performances.
WHO From the complete beginner to the seasoned professional. 

Paul Romhany, VANISH Magazine

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