The Time Leaper - Book 2 of The Chrysalis Chronology Series

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After discovering he has the power of Chronesthesia, or Mental Time-Travel, Tim Long is hired by a mysterious company to send messages to the past. 

He's making so much money he doesn't care about the questionable ethics of his tasks until he becomes responsible for several deaths. To protect his new girlfriend, his family, and the entire Physics Building at the university from destruction, he must weave through time, arranging pieces in a life and death chess game against an unknown futuristic opponent. 

But trying to escape from a company that can manipulate the past is as difficult for Tim as overcoming his own self-doubts and dysfunctional family history. Under the threats of attacks, assaults, explosions, and death, Tim, and a surprise associate, must find a way to avoid Fatal Termination by a company from which nothing can be hidden.

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