What is PreDate?

Posted by Bob Miller on 1/15/2019
What is PreDate?
PreDate is my version of the classic Calendar Trick.

Effect: The spectator names a date that is personally significant. Then the spectator selects a playing card from the deck. The magician explains the similarity between a deck of cards and a calendar. The magician shows a calendar that has a different card written on each day. The card the spectator selected is written on the date the selector named.

The normal patter for this routine describes four similarities:
52 cards and weeks
4 suits and seasons
13 ranks and new moons
The sum of every card in the deck, plus 1 for a joker = 365.

All of the PreDate calendars sold on this site include several pages of comparison graphics at the front that visually display these similarities. Click through some of the product images to see what they look like. The first comparison graphic displayed is the number 52 created from 52 card images, 26 cards for each digit '5' and '2.'

This trick used to require memorization to perform. But no more. With PreDate, it's easy to do with little practice.

Here's a VIDEO that demonstrates performing the trick with no memorizing using a shuffled deck. During the performance, I ask the volunteer to shuffle the deck. 

Here are some other advantages of the PreDate Trick:
- You can order a calendar with any card stack you want.
- Order any size calendar, including Small, Large Collated, Stage, Checkbook Collated, iPhone, mobile phone, and more.
- Choose from three Card to Date formulas: 1) Day + Month.   2) Day.  3) Cyclic.
- Use any combination of 3 different Card Name graphics: Icon, Hand-written Rank & Pip, Hand-written words
  The benefit of using a mixture of card name styles is that it helps to obscure and patterns that might be visible with the stack.

If you don't find a pre-made calendar in the form you want, use the online form to order any custom stack, formula, card images, and calendar sizes.

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