Why not hand-draw my own calendar?

Posted by Bob Miller on 1/19/2019 to News
"Why should I pay money for a PreDate formatted Calendar when I can just hand draw my own?"

Other than saving money, there is no other benefit to hand-drawing each day to create your own calendar trick.
The many reasons to using a PreDate Calendar are:

1. It looks better than hand-drawn.
It is clearer, sharper. Your audience will be able to distinguish each day and card from another.

It is a fallacy to presume that hand-drawn "is better," as if it makes the calendar seem more authentic. The audience doesn't care.

I've used hand-drawn, when I had no other option. But I've never had someone comment on the believability or benefit of hand-drawn images. I have had audiences squint to interpret my hand-writing or thin line drawings--and that's not good.

2. You can choose up to three sets of card images that are alternated on the days: Icon, Rank & Suit, Words. This helps to obscure any pattern that may be visible from month to month.

3. No mistakes. Have you every written out several months of cards and then made a mistake on a day? You didn't want to re-draw an entire calendar, so you had to resort to using white out to cover the error. That doesn't look good. And it would be even worse to not discover that you'd drawn the wrong card on a day until you were performing it!

With PreDate, you get consistency on any sized calendar.

4. Every PreDate calendar comes with the three comparison graphics to aid in the patter.

This graphic displays days and lunar cycles. There is also a Suits to Seasons comparison graphic, and the special 52 graphic image.

The graphics help the trick to flow and to guide your presentation.

5. The (copyrighted) special 52 graphic not only shows the audience the equality of the weeks and cards, but it also is a secret cue to help you know which card to force.

There are three versions of this graphic from Basic to Advanced. This is the Basic one. When a spectator names a date, you can glance at this graphic to immediately discover which card to force.

It's fast, easy. And a good guide to use while you're still learning a card stack. This graphic can be made from ANY STACK. Just contact us for any custom stacks.

6. Discounts: Purchase of one PreDate Calendar qualifies you for any additional PreDate downloads at half-price.
Some performers will want to have both a printed pocket version and a digital version to use on their smart phone.

I like to save money too, but I wouldn't save a few dollars at the cost of presenting a less-than-professional presentation to my audience.

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