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PreDate Dealers

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PreDate Dealers
Here's a list of some dealers selling PreDate:

Review of PreDate Trick by Vanish Magazine

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Review of PreDate Trick by Vanish Magazine
Some of the main points include the graphics guide the patter, no memorizing, no card stack (although you COULD use one if you want to take it a step further), no cards are repeated in a month and it’s super easy to do. 

Bob has created a really great and practical little piece of magic here and a good addition to the calendar premise. A side note is that Bob has created software 

Magic News, Sept 2019

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Magic News, Sept 2019
PreDate will soon be available at magic shops
   Magic Wholesaler Murphy's Magic recently purchased 100 PreDate calendars, so magicians around the world should be able to purchase the pre-packaged PreDate Calendar. The new professionally printed and assembled calendar has no year printed on it, so it can be used indefinitely. It is based on the 2020 calendar, which is a leap year, so it includes all 366 days.

AbraCornDabra Convention 2019 Review

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AbraCornDabra Convention 2019 Review

AbraCornDabra Convention

May 17-19th, I attended the AbraCornDabra convention at the Airport Holiday Inn, in Des Moines, IA. The convention, advertised as the “Midwest’s Premier Magic Convention” has grown since the last time I attended, seven years ago. Now in their ninth year, they had 200 attendees.

Do you have money to burn on April 15th?

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What I learned from Taylor Swift

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When I see a performance I like, I often look for lessons I can apply to my own performances. Last month, I accidentally saw a performance that stunned me.

I was only looking for a music concert on Netflix to play in the background as I did some mindless job. But, the minute Taylor Swift’s Reputation concert started, I couldn’t stop watching the amazing visual spectacle that filled the giant indoor stadium with music, dancers, huge video displays, lights, confetti and fire. 

How to Perform PreDate with No Memorization and No Card Stack

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How to Perform PreDate with No Memorization and No Card Stack
To perform PreDate with no memorization and no card stack, you'll need to know what card is printed on any named date and you'll need to find that card from a shuffled deck and force it.

All PreDate calendars come with a special 52 graphic that secretly cues the performer as to which card to force.

Why not hand-draw my own calendar?

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"Why should I pay money for a PreDate formatted Calendar when I can just hand draw my own?"

Other than saving money, there is no other benefit to hand-drawing each day to create your own calendar trick.
The many reasons to using a PreDate Calendar are:

PreDate Size Comparison Chart

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This is a comparison photo of the most popular PreDate print sizes.

What is PreDate?

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What is PreDate?
PreDate is my version of the classic Calendar Trick.

Effect: The spectator names a date that is personally significant. Then the spectator selects a playing card from the deck. The magician explains the similarity between a deck of cards and a calendar. The magician shows a calendar with a different card written on each day. The card the spectator selected is written on the date the selector named.

The main reason that many magicians don't perform the Calendar Trick is because it requires a memorized card stack. 
That is no longer an issue with the PreDate Calendars because a card stack guide is built into the 52 Card Comparison graphic.

Free gift for you

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Free gift for you

To celebrate opening the new online store, all customers will receive a free digital download of the original Relentless Ring & String Routine book.
You don't even have to buy anything. My gift to you!